Institute’s history

The history of Research and Publishing Institute of Security and Defense Studies dates back to 2012, when Rector Juliusz Piwowarski established Cracow Reasearch Institute for Security and Defense of University of Public and Individual Security “Apeiron” in Cracow. The establishment of the Institute was an answer to it’s researchers need of scientific and publishing activity based on the Resolution of The Central Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles, which in 2011 created the discipline of security sciences.

In 2018 Cracow Research Institute for Security and Defense was renamed Research and Publishing Institute for Security and Defence Studies of University of Public and Individual Security “Apeiron” in Cracow. The new name clearly shows two connected pillars of the Institute: research and publishing. Polish and foreign researchers of the Institute’s editorial board and academic teachers and experts who participate in scientific and research projects of the Institute or publish/review articles in it’s journals are the first one. The second one handles complex editing and publishing reasearch monographs, academic schoolbooks and articles mostly about security sciences, but also similar disciplines like law, politics and administration, sociology, psychology, economy and finances.

Since it’s establishment, the Institute’s publishes three scientific journals: “Security Dimensions” and “Kultura Bezpieczeństwa” (both since 2012) and “Security, Economy and Law” (since 2013). However the first journal of “Apeiron” University was being published five years before the establishing of the Institute ­– it was “Zeszyt Naukowy WSBPI »Apeiron«” (ISNN 2081-2906). The list of books and journals is available on the Institute’s website, some of them are available online (see: here).

The Institute’s science activity is primarily based on scientific and research projects in “Apeiron” University or abroad and on organising and co-organising national and international scientific conferences, including annual Security Forum Kraków conference (CICA – Security Forum since 2018). Also there are two scientific organisations connected to the Institute: International Research Association for Security and Defence and CE F&R CICA Centre (Central European Formation & Research CICA Centre).

The list of the Institute’s researchers keeps expanding, for example by making collaboration agreements with other Polish or foreign academies and publishing houses, but also by meeting new researchers and academic staff during other scientific conferences or mobilities of framework of Erasmus+ programme.

Students of the “Apeiron” University are also welcome to participate in scientific and research projects led by scientific circles. There are a few monographs which are the effect of the projects. Also “Security, Economy and Law” journal is being published for the young researchers, including authors of the best theses, who can publish articles based on their work in it.

We invite you to check the Instutute’s research activity” tab to find more details.