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“Apeiron” is an organiser of the conference Security Forum Kraków which concerns the issue of broadly understood security. Since 2012, which is the year of establishing Cracow Reasearch Institute for Security and Defense at the University of Public and Individual Security “Apeiron” in Cracow, it has the status of an international conference. The prestige of Security Forum Kraków significantly increased in 2018, when for the first time it was organised as one of the official conferences of CICA International organisation. Since the time the cooperation between these two still continues and the “Apeiron” conference is called CICA – Security Forum Krakow.

CICA – Security Forum Krakow is a platform of cooperation for researchers and experts from all over the world. In the past few years scientists from countries like: Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Great Britain, Lithuania, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, Croatia, Colombia and USA visited the conference.

The cooperation with CICA is a huge honour for the Research and Publishing Institute of Security and Defence Studies of “Apeiron” University. There is no doubt, that CICA International is extremaly important for security studies ­– it’s president, J. Martin Ramirez is also a chairman of Pugwash Movement, an organisation which was an inspiration for establishing CICA and which got a Peace Nobel Price in 1995.

Any information of CICA – Security Forum conferences appear on “Apeiron” website: bookmark “Institute’s research activity” → “Scientific Conferences” and on CICA International website in “News” bookmark.

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On 13–14 May 2021 there was the LVIII CICA – XVI Security Forum Krakow 2021 conference coincided with the 10-year anniversary of the discipline of security sciences. Photos from the conference are avialable here.