Reviewing procedure

Reviewing procedure

Article and book manuscripts submitted to Research and Publishing Institute for Security and Defence Studies at WSBPI “Apeiron” undergo the following reviewing process:


Step 1: Editorial assessment

The Publishing Team verify whether the manuscript meets formal requirements (in case of articles, the requirements are established separately for each journal, see for: SD, KB, SEL; in case of books – standard editorial requirements apply) and makes the initial assessment of whether the topic matches the journal’s profile (see for: SD, KB, SEL) or, in case of a book manuscript, if it fulfils the research criteria of its discipline.


Step 2: Double-blind peer review

After the manuscript is accepted in Step 1, the Publishing Team delete author’s data from the manuscript article for the sake of anonymity and forward it to two reviewers. In case of articles, these are two members of the Board of Reviewers of a given journal (see for: SD, KB, SEL), and in case of books – two competent members of the Institute’s Editorial Board. The reviewers then parallelly review the manuscript by filling in the reviewing form. The reviewers must not be affiliated in the author’s institution. Double-blind review standard is applied: the author and the reviewers do not know one another’s identity and the list of particular manuscripts’ reviewers is never published.


Step 3: Acceptance, rejection or counselling

After reviewers submit their recommendations on the forms, an assessment is made whether to accept the manuscript. Two positive reviews mean acceptance and two negative ones – rejection. When one positive and one negative review is submitted, the manuscript is sent to the third reviewer. In particularly difficult cases, e.g. when two very contradictory reviews are submitted, a competent member of the Institute’s Editorial Board is consulted for expert advice.


Step 4: Final editorial works

Accepted manuscripts are then worked on by the Publishing Team, in cooperation with the Authors, so that the final version is of good quality. In case the terminology or the content of the work is so specialist that certain editorial works go beyond the competences of the Publishing Team, they ask an expert for advice – in case of an article, it is a competent Subject Editors team member of a given journal (see for: SD, KB, SEL), and in case of a book – a competent member of the Institute’s Editorial Board.